Name: Parvaneh A. (Butterfly)

Place of residence: Berlin, Germany

Audio/Visual Designs

Flicker-Fotostream & Instagram

2018-2019 School of Arts and Design Berlin, Won first prize in photo design Flying woman competition

2016-2017 Study of Gospel choir & Classical choir

2015 WeTeK Berlin gGmbH (Music production & Support-Workshops)

Radijojo! The children's radio, Berlin International Music Shows/productions

2012 commissioned work; movie sound design:„ The cabinet of Dr. Caligari

2011 Institutes of professional education AG IBB Berlin, Qualifications: HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe photoshop, Adobe premiere

2009 - 2012 Kunsthaus Tacheles (art house) berlin music production, DJ, sound design, collaboration with singer Ken Mutant, YANELLE, MZ Sunday Luv

2008 Work in close co-operation with the experts of the agency “YOUin3D” (second life), DJane appearances in live and relive, and creation of the record label “newBERLINbeatZ”. Music production with Jonny Franco

2006 - Datenklang school for sound design and audio-visual technology(technics) in Berlin; main focus: Cubase, Ableton live, FruityLoops, Contact, Wavelab, Logic, post production (movies), music theory, auditory education, acoustics, music aesthetics, cut (videos), studio technology

2005 Remix / remixes of “Depeche Mode” for private purposes in collaboration with Ronald Christian OF. Co-operation with producer Henning Flintholm (Hillton FM) in Berlin.

2004 MK-Audio GmbH (Professional Training)

2002 Music production and co-operation with the late producer and sound designer Christian Vogle (Startbahn west)- project “Grooveleo”.

2001 Internet Radio & Podcast

2000 Way & Sun, Berlin socio-paedagogical project work (dept. Drug-prevention), event management, public relations, DJ booking, music production, DJ, organisation of projects

1994-1995 Stay in India, involved in musical creations of various influences, organization of parties.

2010-2014 Beatport Releases & Albums

Album: “Voices of the Night” Label: joprec Catalog #: JOP81


Album: QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Label: Deep Taste Katalog # DT020

Music Videos


LittleBitsBaby (20th Remix)

Underwater Kids


Dj & liveact Referenzen:

Tacheles, club der visionäre, Delicious Doughnuts, Insel, Ventil, KitKat-Club, GoGo Bar Kulturbaracke, Pfefferberg, Subground, Eimer, SO 36, Matrix, Globus, Tresor, Arena, Nontox, Oxymoron, Roter Salon, Kurvenstar, Spree Kommune, Galerie Nackt, Schönwetter, second life, Tacheles Parade, R19, Eschschloraque, Camptipsy, Bar23, Platzhaus, Helmholtzplatz, Kumpelnest 3000, Maze, Kulturbotschaft Lichtenberg, "Love Parade", " Hanf Parade ", "Carnival of the Cultures" u.s.w.

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